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I.O. Metro - a different kind of furniture store

Giving Back

I.O. Metro is a highly visible member in each of the communities where we have a retail store. Because of this, I.O. Metro receives hundreds of requests for charitable donations each year.

To streamline this process, we have developed the following guidelines that outline how you can submit your request for a donation. This will help us in allocating charitable contributions to those most deserving. Each submission will be reviewed, but please know that we cannot fulfill each request we receive.

  • I.O. Metro will donate only to nonprofit, charitable organizations or schools that reside in markets where we have retail store locations.
  • The majority of our donations come in the form of an I.O. Metro gift card. If available and appropriate for the situation, we will donate discontinued items, floor samples or slightly imperfect items. (Actual items will be determined by corporate office personnel.)
  • We do not donate to individuals. We give to nationally recognized organizations that assist other individuals.

Please contact your local I.O. Metro to make a donation request.