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I.O. Metro - a different kind of furniture store

Local Art Partnerships

I.O. Metro is bold and unique. We work with a limited number of Local Art partners who enhance the I.O. Metro aesthetic through unique techniques, blending of colors and themes, and by creating abstract/realism through their works. In addition, artists will receive a 10% commission from the sale of their piece(s).

Submissions may be made twice a year: November 15-30 and June 2-8. To be considered, email us no more six photos of your artwork: Please make sure images are no more than 1MB each. Please be sure you read the following art requirements BEFORE submitting.


No photography will be accepted.

Only ORIGINAL hand-painted canvas art will be accepted. By submitting your work, you confirm that the piece is an original creation.

Art must be painted on a canvas no larger than 18"x24". It can be a rectangle or square.


Original art will be turned into multiple hand-painted or printed reproductions by various I.O. Metro art suppliers.

Artist's signature will be on the front of the piece (if usable digital signature is provided by given deadline).

Artist's biography and photograph will be featured on the back of the piece (if proper photograph and bio are provided by given deadline).

Artist's biography will be included on

Selected Painted Pieces:

Artist will have to ship the original painted piece to I.O. Metro's corporate office (at their expense) and will be given a stipend of $100 per piece to help cover material costs. ORIGINAL ART WILL NOT BE RETURNED.

Winners must sign a waiver provided by I.O. Metro that gives I.O. Metro the right to modify size, color, orientation, texture, etc. of all entries.


It's possible that upon seeing the work in person, the I.O. Metro merchandising team may decide that the piece is unfit for reproduction. I.O. Metro reserves the right to reject the use of any piece (photography or painted) at any point during the process.

I.O. Metro may choose to change the name of any piece of artwork for selling purposes.

Winning artists agree that I.O. Metro may use their name, photo or biography for PR/Marketing purposes.

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