Colorful Whirlwind

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Colorful Whirlwind is a product of a local artist, Sean Shrum from Jonesboro, Arkansas. Sean is a professional artist and has been creating art his entire life.

Sean earned a degree in landscape architecture from the University of Arkansas, taught design/drawing classes for the school of architecture while studying and was mentored by award-winning artist Barry Thomas.

“Beautiful scenery is all around – training the eye to pick up on it is the most challenging part. It’s not just about how it looks, but also how it feels.”

Sean’s reputation continues to grow among collectors, as his work is currently featured in numerous corporate and private collections from Florida to California. His work is also displayed at the Sean Shrum Gallery in Jonesboro, AR.

“One of my strongest attributes is listening and being willing to rethink what I was sure of yesterday. This continues to open doors I never thought possible.” Sean says.

  • 70"w x 48"h x 2"d
  • Canvas stretched over wood frame
  • D ring bracket hangers
  • Textured matte finish

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